GPD nabs culprit in Bypass burglaries

Published 5:40 pm Friday, November 18, 2011

The Greenville Police Department has arrested a Bay Minnette man in connection with a rash of burglaries that occurred along the Greenville Bypass on Nov. 1.

Authorities arrested William Russell Jr., 31, on Nov. 9 and charged him with six counts of burglary, third degree. He was also charged with violating his parole.

Russell, who was traveling from Tuscaloosa to Bay Minette, allegedly broke into and stole approximately $1,000 from six businesses along the Bypass.

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According to Lt. Justin Lovvorn, Russell’s car was spotted on surveillance footage obtained from area businesses and a patrol officer had run the car’s license plate in connection with suspicious activity on Nov. 1.

“We used the information on the car from the log and were able to get a name,” Lovvorn said. “We researched the name and found out that the owner had a conviction for burglary. We went back on the video and saw that the car had been parked in the area of the Bypass for a period of time. At that point, we felt like we had our guy.”

Lovvorn and Sgt. Kenneth Hadley contacted Williams’ parole officer and had the parole officer schedule a meeting with Williams. When Williams arrived at the meeting, he was arrested.

After an interview that lasted more than four hours, Williams confessed to the burglaries.

“Normally you don’t catch guys like this unless you catch them in the act,” Lovvorn said. “We caught a break when the officer checked on the vehicle the night of the break-ins. If we hadn’t had that information, we probably wouldn’t have caught the guy.”

Lovvorn said he expects to have all of the stolen cash recovered within the next two weeks.

In an unrleated case, the GPD arrested three men for a burglary that occured Nov. 1.

Demarrio Jones, 28, Casey Alexander, 18, and Erick Mickels, 28, are charged with stealing an air compressor, several nail guns, a skill saw and a welding torch and tank from a local business.

All three men were charged with burglary, third degree.