Chamber hosting free seminars

Published 5:44 pm Friday, November 18, 2011

The Greenville Area Chamber of Commerce is presenting two seminars to help the local community as well as local businesses in the Butler County area.

On Nov. 29 and 30, Alison Lewis and Cleve Poole will be presenting two separate seminars on two different topics at the Chamber of Commerce Meeting Room.

Lewis will be presenting the first one at noon on the 29th, and it will be a brown bag lunch. Lewis will be discussing the importance and different uses social media can have in today’s world.

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“I’m talking about social media tools and how they can be used with originations to promote business goals and objectives,” Lewis said. “It’s using the tools to producing collaboration and communication.”

This seminar is open for the community as well as any business.

“It’s open to all business organizations,” Lewis said.

“I’d like to see some nonprofits represented, and any of the business that have a need or becoming aware of the social media tools that are available.”

Lewis wants to do an overview of everything she has been exposed to and let people know there are more tools out there other than just Facebook.

“So many people think social media is just Facbeook,” Lewis said. “There really is so much more offered to society about social media. It’s just knowing about it and being educated on it.”

Cleve Poole will take over on the 30th also at noon and people will need to bring a sack lunch but drinks will be provided.

Poole’s seminar is on immigration laws and how it affects local businesses.

“I actually have done some research into it,” Poole said. “I realized in that research every business is affected by the law and the way it’s written. I just have a pretty strong feeling that the vast majority don’t know anything about it and don’t think it affects them.”

Poole said this seminar is for anyone who runs a business in the community and wants to learn more about the laws.

“I just thought that it would be a good service to perform for the community to let folks in to tell them what’s going on with the law,” he said. “It’s been one of the most hotly discussed pieces of legislation that has been passed in Alabama in the past year and it’s the subject of national controversy.”

Francine Wasden, executive director said people need to sign up for the seminar and it’s the first 25 people. The seminar is free of charge.

“We already have people signing up for both,” Wasden said. “I think it’s just an opportunity for them to learn and for us to give back to our chamber members to offer these seminars and they need to take every opportunity to do it.”

The seminar is open for everyone in the community. To join a seminar, call the chamber at 334-382-3251.