Kiwanis Club honors winners

Published 6:14 pm Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Left to Right: 1st-3rd grade poster contest, Samuel Sherling, first place; Mary Daring; Rosie Leigh Rogers, second place; Linda Coker. 4th-6th grade poster contest, Mandy Chen, first place; Wendy Jones and Hannah Schofield, second place. Advocate Staff/Tracy Salter


Left to Right: 10-12th grade essay contest, Trav Foster, second place; Barrett Leverett, first place; Michelle Johnson. 7th-9th grade essay contest, Holland Steadham, second place and Kathryn McGowin, first place. Advocate Staff/Tracy Salter


Charlene Powell, 2011 Farm City Chairman and speaker Virginia Whitfield. Advocate Staff/Tracy Salter