Club working to maintain schoolhouse

Published 2:51 pm Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Virginia Cole helps sew a quilt in the Searcy Schoolhouse. Ten active members of the Searcy Homemaker’s Club sew quilts, hold bake sales and put together yard sales to raise money to help maintain the Searcy Schoolhouse. (Advocate Staff/Patty Vaughan)

The Searcy Schoolhouse is one of the showcases of its community.

The Searcy Homemaker’s Club wants to make sure it stays that way.

Since 1948, the Searcy Homemaker’s Club has owned the deed to the Searcy Schoolhouse and it has been renovating and maintaining the building ever since.

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The club has had the building placed on the Alabama register of historical buildings, but its next goal is to place it on the national register. The club will be working through the state historical department to get that done.

“Personally, I am a history buff and a history nut anyway, and to have a building like this in our community is a wonderful thing to be able to work on it and keep it in good repair,” President Maxine Rogers said. “Really, it’s a showcase of our community. It’s a beautiful building.”

Rogers said the club’s main goal is to maintain the building, which is used for community activities.

“(The building) means a lot to the community. It was the main anchor of this community for many, many years,” Rogers said.

Quilting is the club’s main fundraiser, and Rogers said the 10 active members are willing to work with anyone.

“We have quilted for people who don’t live in the community or even in the state,” Rogers said. “We’ll quilt any size and mostly any way you want it done. We might take a year to get to you because we have a waiting list, but we will do it. [The cost] depends on the size of the quilt and the quilting desired.”

The club also puts on bake sales, makes quilts to raffle and has had two or three yard sales.

The club will be hosting a bazaar the first weekend in November that will feature handmade items, Christmas items and several baked goods. All of the proceeds will go toward the upkeep of the schoolhouse.

“Every penny we make goes toward this building,” Rogers said. “We have a water and power bill we have to pay every month so we have to raise a good bit of money to just keep the lights on.”

For three years, the club has been saving money to finish projects in the schoolhouse.

“Our plan is to refinish the floors as soon as we get the last two rooms painted,” Rogers said. “We’re going to clean the floors really well and put several coats of polyurethane on it so it will be easier to keep clean.”

To have a quilt made or make a donation toward the upkeep of the schoolhouse, contact Naomi Vickers at (334) 382-1282.