Building provides ‘ability to grow’

Published 3:43 pm Monday, October 3, 2011

The new Greenville Pediatrics building is scheduled to be finished in January or February. (Advocate Staff/Patty Vaughan)

Construction is underway on the new Greenville Pediatrics building.

John Parker Development Company in Montgomery started planning and developing the building two years ago. Parker Development will own and lease the building to Greenville Pediatrics.

“After getting with him, getting with the hospital and getting a lease for land and everything, it’s finally come to pass so we’re so excited that we could do that,” Lisa Dicks, office manager at Greenville Pediatrics, said.

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The building will have 12 examination rooms with separate waiting rooms that will allow for one sick room and one well-child check up room to keep the sick and healthy apart.

“We’re going to have a full size lab, and have a full-time lab technician, which is something we haven’t had in the past,” Dicks said. “We will have completely electronic medical records and all new computer and phone systems. It’s just going to be really nice, and we’ll be very much more up to date than what you see today.”

Owner and Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Anne Keen said this development will expand Greenville Pediatrics’ hours and practice.

“I think it will make our wait times much less,” Keen said. “I think we will be able to offer more in-house medical services. We will be clean, nice and new, and it’s as up-to-date technologically as you can get. We will be all computerized.”

Dicks said the new facility and upgrades will help the business grow, but it will also help the community.

“I think for any parent, they would say the most precious thing in their life is their children, and to have the ability to have better services for your children or whatever might pertain to your children, families and the communities always appreciate that,” Dicks said. “I think when you’re looking at a town, say someone who was thinking about moving here, they would look at medical care.”

Keen said the upgrades are part of a five-year plan, and she’s happy everything is falling into place.

“We’re excited about the space and the ability to continue to grow,” Keen said. “We just want to provide the best medical care and the most up to date medical care that you can provide because we really strive to stay up to date with all the latest medical information and technology. I think it’s going to afford us a much more professional environment than what we’re in now.”

The building is scheduled to be finished in January or February.