Congrats to L.V. Stabler

Published 4:35 pm Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dear Editor:

Congratulations to the L.V. Stabler Memorial Hospital administrators, nurses, staff, and doctors for the hospital’s being named by The Joint Commission as one of the 405 hospitals across the nation as a top performer on key quality measures. Greenville is privileged to have such excellent medical services for our citizens provided through the commitment, dedication and skills of the doctors, nurses and other clinicians who serve the patients in the hospital.

A number of physicians such as Dr. Danny Hood, Dr. Norman McGowin, III, Dr. Aubrey Stabler, Jr. and Dr. Vernon Stabler, Jr. have given an entire medical career to the Greenville community. We are all fortunate to have these and other exceptionally outstanding professionals among us. Mr. Jason Studly, chief executive officer of the L.V. Stabler Memorial Hospital, is to be commended and recognized for his leadership in directing the hospital services in such a positive and excellent path to achieve this outstanding award. May we express our appreciation to all of these medical professionals who are so willing to serve us in the Greenville area.

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Jean A. Thompson