County escapes brunt of storm

Published 3:49 pm Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Heavy rains and scattered tornadoes appeared throughout Alabama and Georgia as Tropical Storm Lee made landfall early Sunday.

Shirley Sandy, Emergency Management Agency director, said reports are continuing to come in, but no structural damage has been reported.

“There are just trees down from what I’m hearing and a power line or two,” Sandy said. “I haven’t heard of any structural damage. I’ve talked to Sheriff, but that’s about it besides trees being down. I think we got lucky.”

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Greenville was under a tornado watch from 5:30 Sunday morning until 4 p.m. Monday, Sandy said.

According to the National Weather Service in Birmingham, the heaviest rain remained north.

“Troy received just over three inches of rain, and Dallas and Clark, received about two,” meteorologist Gary Goggins said.  It was across northern Alabama that they received10 inches of rain.”

The wind became a factor as Greenville saw between 30 and 40 mph winds, Goggins said.

“As the remnants of Tropical Storm Lee came across central Alabama, 30 to 40 mph winds came across Alabama with some 50 mph gusts,” Goggins said. “That’s generally just from the winds from the center of the circulation.”

For the rest of the week, both Goggins and Sandy said there are no future warnings or concerns.

“Now that the center of the circulation has moved off to the north east, we have some light rains today,” Goggins said. “We may not get higher than 60 degrees. Generally, most of the rain is gone, and we should see improving conditions throughout the day today.”