Are Bama fans really so different?

Published 6:38 pm Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I am a die-hard Alabama fan. That’s how my family knows me. That’s how my friends know me. I graduated from the university, and that means I’m a fan, right?

In the book, Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer by Warren St. John, which no, it is not my Bible, but just an interesting book, said there’s not only a difference between different teams’ fans, but different sections of fans within the team.

The book discusses the difference between a “pure fan” and those that just graduated from the university.

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“…alumni are just college types who are glomming on to the glory of his football team. An alumnus is compelled to pull for the school’s team, this way of thinking goes; others make a meaningful choice.”

I can’t help but be slightly offended knowing the book makes a compelling argument. Personally, I had never thought there was a bit of difference between Alabama fans, or fans in general.

Did people really look down on my fandom just because I graduated from the University of Alabama?

I felt a bit judged, and I felt a bit discouraged that I was not good enough to be shaking my crimson and white shaker every Saturday afternoon.

However, after four years of being invited into RVs, singing Yea! Alabama with complete strangers and being invited to a tailgate on the quad after a game, being judged was the furthest thing from my mind.

Whether someone is wearing, crimson and white, blue and orange or red and black, a fan is a fan until the very end. I’ve seen too many strangers give hugs, high fives and cry together before and after games to believe that there are “pure fans.”

As soon as someone says “Roll Tide” to me, I have met a pure fan.