LBW adds staff, expands programs

Published 11:41 am Monday, August 22, 2011

Lurleen B. Wallace Community College’s Greenville campus continues to grow with new staff members, new and expanded programs and services, says Greenville campus director, Dr. Jim Krudop.

“For the first time, our campus has a full-fledged, full-time assistant financial aid director,
Breshawn Skinner, on campus. Previously we had someone coming over from Andalusia once a week, but it’s so good for the students to always have someone available to help them right here on our campus,” said Krudop.

“This is a major, major move for us.”

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LBWCC Greenville also now has its first full-time math instructor, Kelly Jones, who is in charge of the campus’s new Math Emporium.

“The emporium is a lab she will oversee with tutors in place to help students taking developmental math courses by computer,” Krudop said.

“There are three of these math courses and they are self-paced. A motivated, hard-working students can complete all three in one semester or they can take longer if need be. It’s a very creative and innovative program and there are not many smaller colleges who have this type of program. We have the Math Emporium on all three campuses.”

The Greenville campus’s Adult Education Program, under the direction of Ronald Shanks, has also received an upgrade with an expanded lab and classroom in the rear of the conference center.

“We now have at least one full-time instructor in all our core subject areas—English, math, science, history. Our campus continues to grow and we don’t see that changing,” said Krudop.

“We are still a very affordable and convenient way to get a technical certificate, two-year degree or get your start on a four-year degree.”