Luverne to address re-districting

Published 11:07 am Thursday, August 11, 2011

Just as population shifts have caused a change in Crenshaw County’s district lines, changes are also on the horizon for the City of Luverne.

In April, Census numbers showed that District 4 had increased in population, while District 5 was on the low end of the count.

Monday night, the council got its first look at a proposal for new district lines, which Mayor Joe Rex Sport said was done without any “substantial changes.”

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It is expected that a public meeting will be scheduled soon to receive input on the new proposed city districts.

In other business, the council also looked at buying a five-acre parcel of land to use for dirt for maintenance work.

The need for dirt has been brought up by city engineer Morris Tate, and Tate said that this parcel has enough to supply the city’s needs for “at least 15-20 years.”

The property adjoins another piece of land already owned by the city.

The council gave Mayor Sport authority to negotiate the price up to $20,000.

Sport also reported that work is being done on the city’s curbs by the street department.

“I told them I’d like to have the streets in and out of town curbed by Labor Day,” said Sport, who agreed that they needed tidying up. “The parts they have done look good.”