Are sagging pants so bad?

Published 8:21 am Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Dear Editor,

Sagging Pants … recently there has been a lot of attention given to this Hip Hop Culture fashion trend. Should it be legal or should there be a law or an ordinance preventing what many believe is an offensive fashion faux pas?

I happen to believe that there are other more offensive things we should direct our attention to: 1) Body Odor … have you ever sat next to someone on a three hour flight who stinks!?

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2) People who wear shoes that expose really ugly feet … have you ever tried to eat around bad foot exposure!?

3) Clothes that expose back acne … enough said!

4) Public Smokers … You’re killing everyone around you and your making us smell bad!

5) Public Smokeless Tobacco users … unless they swallow. Spitting into a cup or on the ground … gross!

6) Chewing with your mouth open … saliva and food mixed together for everyone to see THANKS!

7) Coughers and Sneezers who do not cover their mouths … bless you I wanted YOUR COLD!

8) Close talkers … Seinfeld was right!

9) Male pants that are pulled up too high … frontal exposure YUCK!

So, when you really think about it having to watch someone hold their pants up when they walk or an occasional flash of someone’s boxers really isn’t all that bad.

Drew Bass
City of Guntersville Mayor