Campers get ‘taste’ of academics

Published 8:25 am Monday, June 27, 2011

YMCA camp staff member Tina Bullock serves Hunter Gipson during Friday’s “taste off.” The 135 campers each brought a favorite dish on Friday as part of Chef Good Times week. (Advocate Staff/Andy Brown)

Participants in the Greenville Area YMCA’s Good Times Summer Camp got a taste of math and science Friday — literally.

The campers provided a buffet of home-cooked food as part of the camp’s Chef Good Times week.

Each of the 135 camp participants was asked to write down a favorite food.

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The parents of the campers were then asked to help the campers prepare the food for a “taste off.”

On Friday, the campers sampled each item on the buffet.

“The parents were excited to help,” Bridget Cook, YMCA summer camp director, said motioning to the table loaded with food. “We have all kinds of good stuff here to taste.”

Cook said the “taste off” was a fun way to teach the kids lessons in science and math.

“Not only did they get to have fun making something they like to eat, but they are also getting the academics as well,” Cook said.

“They don’t know it, but we’re sneaking it in there, and because they learned it in a fun way, it’s going to stick.”