GPD reports filed between June 10-17, 2011

Published 4:29 pm Monday, June 20, 2011

The following incident and offense reports were filed by the Greenville Police Department between June 10-17, 2011.

June 10

-Unlawful breaking and entering a vehicle, from 537 Steele Circle.

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-Theft of property, third degree. From USA Travel Center.

-Theft of property, third degree, from 205 Cedar Street.

-Unlawful breaking and entering a motor vehicle, from 112 Interstate Drive.

-Harassing communications, from 231 School Highland Road.

-Theft of property, third degree, from 501 Willow Lane.

June 11

-Theft of property, second degree, and burglary, third degree, from 322 Greenville Bypass.

-Act of nature, from 806 Hickory Street.

-Harassing communications, from 733 Mobile Road.

June 12

-Possible overdose, from Sumerset Drive.

-Robbery, second degree, from South Conecuh Street.

June 13

-Unlawful breaking and entering a vehicle, from 526 Steele Circle.

June 14

-Harassing communications, from 790 Hardscramble Road.

-Natural death, from 815 Government Street.

-Theft of property, third degree, from GHS football field.

-Criminal mischief, second degree, from 111 Few Street.

-Criminal mischief, third degree, fro Perdue Place.

-Theft by deception, third degree and assault, third degree, from 609 South Street.

-Criminal mischief, third degree, and harassment, 406 Flower Street.

June 15

-Burglary, third degree, theft of property, second degree and criminal mischief, third degree fro 660 Walker Green Road.

-Forgery, second degree from 117 Greenville bypass.

-Harassing communications, from 913 Oak Street.

June 16

-Leaving the scene of an accident, from 350 Harrison Street.

-Theft of property, first degree from 450 Perdue Place.

-Theft of property, first degree from 204 North Chestnut Street.

-Theft of property, first degree, from 607 Cedar Street.

-Theft of property, second degree, criminal mischief, third degree, and criminal trespassing, second degree from 2164 Luverne Highway.

-Miscellaneous information,from 4924 Hatton Avenue, Montgomery.

-Theft of property, third degree, from 501 Willow Lane.

-Criminal mischief, third degree, from 610 Thames Street.

June 17

-Criminal mischief, third degree, from West World and Oglesby Street.