Arrests filed between May 16-23, 2011

Published 12:46 pm Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The following individuals were booked into the Butler County Correctional Facility between May 16-May 23, 2011.

May 16

-Anthony Fitzgerald Betton, 42, for failure to appear.

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-Ephriam Ladon Richards, 55, for failure to appear.

-Eric Lee Simmons, 19, for disorderly conduct.

-Chiquita Benea Smith, 21, for failure to appear.

-Willie N. Stone, 37, for failure to appear.

May 17

-Veronica Abner, 33, for harassing communications.

-John Fitzgerald Hutchinson, 25, for possession of marijuana, second degree.

-Jerrod Van Johnson, 23, for possession of marijuana.

-Julious R. Johnson, 25, for possession of marijuana.

-Darry Neal Thigpen, 31, for attempting to elude and negotiating a worthless instrument.

-Maurice D. Williamson, 32, for possession of marijuana.

May 18

-Earnest Baker Jr., 47, for failure to appear.

-Kedalle Earl Cork, 39, for unlawful breaking and entering.

-Raymond Walton Jr., 27, for failure to appear.

-Mary Jane Washington, 24, for theft.

May 19

-Ozmondiaz Lajuan Bone, 26, for failure to appear.

-Terrance Hamilton, 21, for failure to appear.

-Jarrett Eugene Lowery, 29, for failure to appear.

-Allyson Nicole Stokes, 22, for negotiating a worthless instrument.

-Deletha Draw Tuchtone, 31, for harassment.

May 20

-Amanda Keeley Bagents, 31, for failure to appear.

-Gerald Colson, 40, for resisting arrest obstructing governmental operations and giving false identification to a law enforcement officer.

-Timothy Mark Jackson, 25, for burglary and theft.

-Donald Glenn Mount, 24, for driving under the influence of alcohol.

-Charles Matthew Sexton, 34, for harassing communications.

-James Henry Stapler, 22, for registration/manufacture of a controlled substance.

-Adam Christopher Stines, 22, for burglary.

-Stephen Brad Wilson, 441, for harassment.

May 21

Joshua Jacob Cantrell, 20, for failure to appear.

-Eddie D. Cook, 47, for disorderly conduct.

-Emanuel Harmon, Jr., 19, for possession of marijuana, second degree.

-Tony Lamar Lewis, 29, for failure to appear.

-Troy Kaiser Little, 25, for driving under the influence and carrying a concealed weapon.

-James Edward Rich, 58, for public intoxication.

-Ronnie Lee Solomon Jr., 34, for driving under the influence of alcohol.

-Christopher Lee Taylor, 30, for harassment.

May 22

-Floros Gomez Ricardo, 26, for public intoxication.

-Adrian Coloa Xcova, 26, for public intoxication.