McKenzie highlights literacy

Published 3:15 pm Monday, May 23, 2011

The spotlight was on literacy in McKenzie on Wednesday as the school held a reading fair. Joseph Trimble, a member of the Alabama Storytelling Association, was on hand to spin yarns for some of the youngest students, sharing tales both funny and a bit spooky, with a good life lesson slipped into each story, too. Something Trimble consistently emphasizes: reading to succeed.

“Literacy is so important,” said the Montgomery resident. “I spent 20 years working in the criminal justice system.

“I learned 80 percent of the folks who end up in jail can’t read. I decided I wanted to help spread the word about how reading well can make such a positive difference in every life.”

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Students from elementary through high school created displays illustrating the theme of their favorite books, with certain students dressing in costumes to depict the fictional characters.

Susan Andrews’ AP English class performed the Dr. Seuss classic “The Cat in the Hat” for their younger classmates.

Trimble shared his storytelling skills in an assembly of the student body in the afternoon, with additional skits performed along with a special treat for the students for meeting and exceeding their reading goals: seeing McKenzie School principal Randy Williams and vice-principal Mike Gunter each kiss a chicken.