Luverne council takes no action on SCABC

Published 9:40 pm Thursday, May 12, 2011

Luverne’s Mayor Joe Rex Sport recommended to the city council that they not become part of the South Central Alabama Broadband Commission at this time.

At the previous meeting of the City Council, Dr. Aaron McCall of the South Central Alabama Broadband Commission discussed the purpose of SCABC and asked that Luverne become a part.

At the time, Sport expressed some reserve about the issue because of a previous grant to Troy Cable.

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“I had a meeting with Troy Cable, and two or three things came out,” he said. “I don’t understand why the Department of Commerce is dealing with two grants that overlap. They ought to have drawn the line, not us.”

Sport also said he wonders where the other municipalities in the county would fit in, and that the two entities involved should work out a resolution before involving the towns.

Sport mentioned that he didn’t like the way SCABC was formed without consulting those that would be involved first.

“SCABC filled out all their paperwork for a grant and got the grant awarded, and then named the counties they’re going to serve,” he said. “But they didn’t check with anyone about that. If you’re going to serve us, tell us up front. There’s just a whole lot going on with the whole situation.”

He recommended that the council not sign a resolution endorsing either grant, and no action was taken.

In other business, the veterans’ park at the intersection of 331/West 3rd Street and 1st Avenue was formally named Veterans’ Memorial Park.

The mayor is also in the final stages of securing an M1 anti-tank gun to be displayed at the park.