Arrests filed between April 25-May 2

Published 12:05 pm Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The following individuals were booked into the Butler County Correctional Facility between April 25-May 2, 2011.

April 25

-Jermay Alexander Johnson, 19, for failure to appear.

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-Derrick Jermaine Warren, 30, for two counts of assault, third degree; criminal trespassing and failure to appear.

April 26

-David William Covington, 39, for buying/receiving stolen property.

-Miranda Bozeman Miller, 25, for burglary.

-Jessica Lorin Till, 25, for burglary.

-Lashawn Henderson, 34, for harassment.

April 27

-Capricia Leeann Jackson, 28, for failure to appear.

-Ashleigh Anne Stover, 21, for disorderly conduct.

-Dale Turk, 48, for failure to appear.

-Michael Lynn West, 37, for manufacturing a controlled substance.

April 28

-Jessie Michael Smith, 39, for harassing communications.

April 29

-James Houston Hale, 47, for driving under the influence, and public lewdness.

-Ethel Shannon McCarson, 37, for harassment.

-Krystal Neal, 23, for assault, second degree.

-Britney Lashay Thompson, 19, for failure to appear.

-Robert Monroe Ward, 62, for public intoxication.

-Adrian Coloa Xcova, 26, for driving under the influence.

April 30

-Charles Caldwell, 55, for driving under the influence and public lewdness.

-Daniel Dixon, 45, for harassment.

-Ollie James Scott, 38, for failure to appear.

-Patrick Scott, 26, for failure to appear.

-Myra Bell Smith, 64, for harassment.

-Kizzy Kizmet Steele, 26, for failure to appear.

May 1

-Rico Rolandus Robinson, 24, for reckless endangerment and discharging a firearm in city.

-Timothy Dewayne Robinson, 37, for failure to appear.