GPD reports filed between April 15-22, 2011

Published 2:18 pm Monday, May 2, 2011

The following incident and offense reports were filed by the Greenville Police Department between April 15-22, 2011.

April 15

-Miscellaneous information, from 100 Paul Stabler Drive.

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-Harassing communications from Greenville.

April 16

-Theft of property, 1st, from 1421 Aztec Road.

-Unlawful breaking and entering a vehicle from 205 Cedar Street.

-Domestic violence, 3rd, from 623 Milner Street.

-Criminal mischief, 3rd, from 497 Perdue Village Apartments.

April 17

-Criminal mischief, 3rd, from 804 Gregory Street.

-Harassment, from 105 Flowers Street.

-Domestic violence, 3rd, from 316 Hillside Drive

-Theft of property, 3rd, from 352 East World Street.

April 18

-Domestic violence, 3rd, from 316 Hillside Drive.

-Unlawful breaking and entering a vehicle, from 129 Interstate Drive.

-Miscellaneous information from Bentcreek Apartments.

-Criminal mischief, 3rd, from 110 Oliver.

April 19

-Miscellaneous information from 143 Old Stage Road, Milledgeville, GA.

-Possession of marijuana, 2nd, from Pineview Apartments.

-Runaway, from mm 131 Interstate 65 South.

-Criminal mischief, 3rd, from 316 Chaundron Street.

April 20

-Theft of property, 1st, from 318 Hickory Street.

-Abuse of a corpse, from 916 Dunbar Park Road.

-Harassment, from 705 Government Street,

-Unlawful breaking and entering a vehicle, from city parking lot.

-Domestic violence, 3rd, from 240 Bell Street.

-Criminal trespassing, 1st, from 112 Chalet Court.

-Miscellaneous information, from North Conecuh Street.

April 21

-Domestic violence, 3rd, from 114 Carver Circle.

-Theft, from 129 Interstate Drive.

-Natural death, from 503 Flowers Street.

April 22

-Unlawful breaking and entering a vehicle, from 114 Lucille Street.