GPD reports filed between April 1-8, 2011

Published 1:07 pm Monday, April 18, 2011

The following incident and offense reports were filed by the Greenville Police Department between April 1-8, 2011.

April 1

-Criminal mischief, 3rd, from Hardscramble Road.

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-Criminal mischief, 3rd, from Hardscramble Road.

-Criminal mischief, 3rd, from Hardscramble Road.

-Criminal mischief, 2nd, from 945 South Conecuh Street.

-Harassment, from 207 First Street.

-Failure to pay for gasoline, from 431 Greenville Bypass.

-Criminal mischief, 3rd, and harassment, from  intersection of Perry Street and South Street.

-Leaving the scene of an accident, from East Commerce Street.

-Criminal trespassing, 1st, and criminal mischief, 3rd, from 942 South Conecuh Street.

-Miscellaneous information from I-65 South.

-Criminal trespassing, 1st, and criminal mischief, 3rd, from 239 South Conecuh Street.

-Possession of a forged instrument, 1st, from 943 Fort Dale Road.

April 2

-Theft of property and criminal mischief, 3rd, from 4397 Braggs Road.

-Disorderly conduct, from Manningham Road.

-Harassment, from 1369 Pineapple Highway.

-Assault, 3rd, from Mountainview Trailer Park.

-Menacing from 992 North Conecuh.

-Burglary, 3rd, from 151 East Perdue.

-Domestic violence, 3rd, from 480 Perdue Place.

-Theft by deception, 3rd, from 201 Administrative Drive.

April 3

-Domestic violence, 3rd, from 205 Bell Street.

-Obstructing governmental operations and disorderly conduct from Perdue Place.

-Possession of marijuana, 2nd, from intersection of Harrison Street and Crum Street.

-Possession of a controlled substance, possession of marijuana, 2nd, and possession of drug paraphernalia from 222 School Highlands Road.\

April 4

-Harassing communications, from 600 Glendale Avenue.

-Criminal trespassing, 1st, from 1821 Fort Dale Road.

-Theft of lost property, 3rd, from unknown location.

-Unlawful breaking and entering a vehicle, from 230 Mobile Road.

-Forgery, 2nd, from 404 Cedar Street.

-Criminal mischief, 3rd, from 719 Hardscramble Road.

-Leaving the scene of an accident, from 501 Willow Lane.

-Shooting into an occupied dwelling from 347 Harrison Street.

-Shooting into an occupied vehicle, from Chalet Drive.

April 5

-Criminal mischief, 3rd, from 280 Chalet Drive.
-Theft of property, 2nd, from 501 Willow Lane.

-Harassment, from Hickory Street.

-Assault, 1st, and assault, 3rd, from 954 Valley Drive.

-Theft by deception, 3rd, from 501 Willow Lane.

April 6

-Harassing communications from Harrison Street.

-Menacing from 347 Harrison Street.

-Criminal mischief,  3rd, and disorderly conduct from 50 School highland Road.

-Harassing communications from 721 Hardscramble Road.

-Possesion of marijuana, 2nd, possession of a controlled substance and attempting to elude a police officer.

April 7

-Unlawful breaking and entering a vehicle from 114 Pierce Street.

-Theft of property, 2nd, from 915 Walnut Street,

-Miscellaneous property damage from L.V. Stabler Drive.

-Domestic violence, 3rd, from Academy Drive.

-Domestic violence, 3rd, from 406 Flowers Street.

-Possession of marijuana, 2nd, from 347 Harrison Street.

April 8

-Harassing communications and harassment from 347 Harrison Street.