Luverne McDonald’s prepares for upcoming renovations

Published 4:57 pm Friday, April 8, 2011

Crenshaw County residents should satisfy their Big Mac cravings soon because Luverne’s McDonald’s will soon close temporarily for renovations.

“It will close in the next few days, and then everything will be removed from the store on Friday,” said Brenda Powell, who will be the store’s new manager when it reopens. “It’s scheduled to be torn down on the ninth.”

Powell said that the plans call for the location to reopen in late spring, and it is hoped the store will be up and running by Memorial Day in late May.

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Many area McDonald’s stores have undergone similar renovations, including Troy, Greenville and Andalusia.

Once the store is rebuilt, it will feature two drive-through speakers among other changes.

“The Andalusia store was rebuilt last year, and the Luverne location will be similar to that one,” Powell said.

The store will employ 65-80 people, including several familiar faces from the current store, Powell said.

“We will be taking applications,” she said. “You can go to and put in an application. Luverne’s store number is 11241.”

Powell also said that the calls for interviews will begin around the first of May.

Plans and diagrams for the new store should be made public by the end of the week.