Police chief advises safety during holidays

Published 12:45 am Sunday, March 27, 2011

Special to the Journal

It is almost time for spring cleaning, and the approaching warm weather will bring people out of hibernation and take other people on vacation.

Unfortunately, what we think of as security in our own home may be taken for granted.
Now is the time to plan and think ahead.

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Burglaries are on the rise, and with this in mind, citizens should conduct an inventory of your personal belongings within your home.

It is smart practice to record all make, model and serial numbers of your personal effects.

This list should include, but not be limited to taking pictures of valuable jewelry,
Xboxes, Playstations and other gaming systems, all rifles, shotguns and other valuables.
Credit cards should also be kept in a safe place.

If the unfortunate happens, this will make it easier for the police departments to find your belongings.

If you are going on vacation, have neighbors keep an eye on your house and/or have the police ride by and check your residence while you are away.

Prepare early to have fun on your vacation.