Recognitions abound at BOE meeting

Published 2:41 pm Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It was a night for recognitions at the Central Office Boardroom on Tuesday, as the Butler County School District’s bus drivers, school counselors, top teachers and an outstanding coach in the county were all honored.

As part of the “Love the Bus” program, the system’s 40 bus drivers were individually recognized at a program preceding the February board meeting, with each driver getting a certificate of appreciation, a “Love the Bus” shirt and a goodie bag to take home. Students from the county’s schools had participated in a testimonial contest telling why their bus driver was the best.

Dannah Acreman of Greenville Middle School, Aleisha Graham and Jae’Ques Brown, Greenville High School were chosen as the winners of the contest.

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Elementary school students entered a coloring contest for “Love the Bus,” with Brinna Nguyen and Parker McNaughton winners from W.O. Parmer, Madison Edwards and Caroline Grace Williamson winners from Georgiana School, bridget Tindal and Asnlyn Neese winners from GES and Reagan Salter and Shakim Ball, McKenzie School winners.

Following the presentations, the bus drivers were invited to enjoy a buffet meal while door prizes were given away.

During the regular board meeting, the county’s Teachers of the Year were announced:  Peggy Brown, Greenville High School; W.S. Godwin, Greenville Middle School; Erin Klash, Greenville Elementary; Melissa Scott, McKenzie School (elementary); Henrietta Presley, McKenzie School (secondary); Shera Stinson, W.O. Parmer Elementary; Alison Edwards, Georgiana School (elementary) and Tammy Pickard, Georgiana School (secondary).

The Butler County Elementary Teacher of the Year is Erin Klash and the Secondary Teacher of the Year is Peggy Brown.

Alabama Teacher Hall of Fame nominees were also recognized: Mavis Padgett, McKenzie School, Julia Raley, Georgiana School, Patricia Cook, McKenzie School, Alisa Huggins, Greenville High School and Susan Andrews, McKenzie School, with Andrews and Cook new additions to the HOF.

School counselors from across the district also received special recognition: Tomesha Hamilton and Todd Henderson, GHS; Michelle Myrick, Kent McNaughton and Margaret West, GMS; Betty McQueen, GES; Carol Williams, McKenzie School; Regina Bennett, W.O. Parmer Elementary School; Amanda Jones, Georgiana School and Patricia McNaughton, Central Office.

Ezel Powell III of McKenzie School was all smiles as he was recognized as 1A Assistant Coach of the Year.