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Sheriff reports filed between Jan. 31, 2011 and Feb. 7, 2011

The following incident and offense reports were filed by the Butler County Sheriff’s Department between Jan. 31, 2011 and Feb. 7, 2011.

Jan. 31

-Disorderly conduct, fro 103 Windy Hill Road, Greenville.

-Burglary, 3rd, from 204 Butler Estate, Greenville.

-Miscellaneous information, from 204 Butler Estate, Greenville.

-Domestic violence, 2nd, from Fieldcrest Road, Georgiana.

Feb. 1

-Domestic violence, 3rd, from 2644 Poor House Road, Greenville.

-Miscellaneous information,1453 East Dogwood Trail, Greenville.

Feb. 2

-Domestic violence, 3rd, from 8738 Honoraville Road, Honoraville.

Feb. 3

-Unlawful breaking and entering a motor vehicle, from East Dogwood Trail, Chapman.

Feb. 4

-Theft of property from 21741 Mobile Highway, McKenzie.

-Harassment, from 401 South Bethlehem Road, Rutledge.

Feb. 5

-Harassing communications from 5599 Sandcutt Road, Georgiana.

-Miscellaneous information, from 106 Sherry Lynn Circle, Greenville.

Feb. 6

-Criminal mischief, 3rd, from 3387 Shows Road, Georgiana.

-Miscellaneous information from 104 Windy Hill Road, Greenville.

-Harassment, from 1226 Perry Hill Road in Greenville.

Feb. 7

-Criminal mischief, 3rd from 955 Ripley Road, Georgiana.