GMS highlights hard workers

Published 12:19 pm Thursday, February 3, 2011

Greenville middle honored excellence among its ranks. From Left to Right: Veronica McConico, January's Teacher of the Month; Olivia Powell, Fifth and Sixth Grade Student of the Month; Kendall Burt, Seventh and Eight grade Student of the Month; and Assistant Principal Kent McNaughton, Janruary's Pat on the Back Award Recipient. (Advocate Staff/Austin Nelson).

The faculty and staff of Greenville Middle recently took time to honor those among their ranks.

Principal Curtis Black said that on January 21, the school recognized January’s Teacher of the Month Veronica McConico, with the Pat on the Back Award going to Assistant Principal Kent McNaughton. Students of the Month were also named, with Kendall Burt being this month’s seventh and eighth grade student and Olivia Powell claiming the honor for fifth and sixth grades.

Margaret West was recognized for her work as assistant principal, Black said, and also, members of GMS’s support staff and maintenance department Stephen Hester, Earnest Thompson and Don Reynolds were commended for their hard work.

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“The main thing we were trying to do was try to highlight some of the good things going on here at GMS and the wonderful people that come in and do their best to serve our students day in and day out.”

Teacher of the Month Veronica McConico has only been at GMS one year, but is already making her mark on the school.

“She is a dynamic reading teacher with great classroom management,” Black said. “The students come in and know what to do. She has a bright future ahead of her.”

McConico worked as a banker before deciding to go to Troy  University to become a teacher.

“I always wanted to teach, and it was just the right time for a change,” McConico said.

Pat on the Back recipient and assistant principal McNaughton, however, has spent the past 17 years working at Greenville Middle School. McNaughton previously served as a fifth grade teacher and guidance counselor.

Having done it all, McNaughton is still nostalgic about his days in the classroom.

“There are days that I’d really love to be back teaching again, but I really love all aspects of teaching, including administration,” McNaughton said. “In 17 years, I have never dreaded going to work.

“It’s great to work this long at the same place without feeling like you don’t want to come in to work each morning.”

Pat on the Back Award and Teacher of the Month recpieients received a Shoney’s gift certificate. The Students of the Month each received a gift certificate to Old Mexico.

Black thanked Wal-Mart, Super Foods and Piggly Wiggly for their contributions of food and supplies to help the school continue to honor its faculty members.

Greenville Middle also highlighted members of its support staff and maintenance department. From left to right: Stephen Hester, Earnest Thompson and assistant Principal Kent McNaughton. Don Reynolds was not pictured but was also recognized. (Advocate Staff/Austin Nelson).