GPD arrests two for armed robbery, recovers money

Published 10:43 am Friday, January 14, 2011

Thanks to a rapid response from the Greenville Police patrol division, two suspects are in custody following an armed robbery on Wednesday.

Two juveniles were charged with the crime, and so far, one has been certified as an adult. Shaquille Atchison, 16, was arrested and charged with robbery,1st. Police are still seeking adult status for the other 15-year-old arrested.

Sr. Lt. Justin Lovvorn said that around 9:40 p.m. Wednesday night two males wearing ski masks, one armed with a butcher knife, walked into McBride’s Chevron at the corner of Commerce and College Street.

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“One of the subjects grabbed a customer in the store and forced him to the ground, cutting the man’s head slightly,” Lovvorn said. “Then, the second subject went around to the cashier and demanded all the money.”

The two individuals took the money, Lovvorn said, and fled the scene. Patrol concentrated in the area in an attempt to locate suspects when Officer Williams came upon 4 individuals whose story didn’t check out.

“After questioning them, we developed enough reasonable suspicion to take them to the police department for further questioning,” Lovvorn said.

After taking the subjects back to the station, Lovvorn said he was able to obtain confessions from both subjects, in addition to recovering all the money that was stolen.

“This is about the best case you can hope for, other than preventing it from happening,” Lovvorn said. “No one was seriously hurt, all the money got recovered and the suspects are in custody.”