Luverne to enforce business ordinance

Published 8:28 am Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Despite the recent blast of cold weather, the Luverne City Council is already making preparations for the spring and summer seasons.

One action taken at Monday’s meeting was adopting a resolution to strictly follow a city ordinance concerning business licenses and landscaping.

“In the past, we’ve had some kids that only cut a couple of yards, so we said that if you cut five or less, you wouldn’t have to have a business license,” said mayor Joe Rex Sport. “We also had other people come in and make the same claim, but we just can’t follow people around to see how many they cut.”

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Sport said that with the grass-cutting season coming up, the city will follow the ordinance and anyone who cuts lawns or landscapes for pay will have to have a business license.

The city also enacted a new policy concerning cell phone use and city vehicles.

The official city policy now prohibits cell phone use while a city vehicle is in motion.

Other cities, like Montgomery, ban cell phone usage while driving for everyone, and several city council members said a resolution like that should be looked at in the future.

“Let’s consider it for the general populace at some point,” said Dr. Pat Walker. “It is a killer.”

Several road paving projects throughout the city, including the Glenwood Highway, Patsburg Highway and Mount Ida Road are nearly complete, according to the engineer’s report.