Tigers beat rival Trojans

Published 8:56 am Monday, December 6, 2010

Greenville 56, CHHS-Troy 49

The Greenville Tigers defeated Charles Henderson in a close matchup, edging out the Trojans by a narrow 7-point margin.

The teams were locked up at the end of the first period 13-13, but the Tigers grabbed a 3-point lead before half.

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Both teams put up identical scores in the third, to allow the Tigers to hold on to the lead 40-37. Za’Darius Smith, who led the offense with 14 points, helped the Tigers outscore the Trojans in the fourth for the win 56-49.

Coach Jerome Harris said that his team is battling some inexperience problems.

“We have 9 new players,” Harris said. “Seven of our seniors got scholarships last year. We are just young.”

Harris said except for a few scheduling problems, the season has been going well.

“We just need to play more games together, get some camaraderie going on and we’ll be fine,” Harris said. “I think we can make a deep run this year.”

Malik Ruffin and Patrick Burnett also had strong offensive showings, with 12 and 10 points respectively.

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CHHS 51, Greenville 19

The girls had a shaky outing against Charles Henderson, losing 51-19 to the Lady Trojans.

Charles Henderson jumped out early, putting up 20 points in the first to Greenville’s 7.

The Tigers were able to slow down the Trojan offense, but not enough. By the end of the third quarter, Charles Henderson had a 42-19 lead. The Tigers failed to score a point in the fourth to seal the deal, 51-19.

Harris said that this is his first year coaching the girl’s team and that has taken a little adjustment. This year’s team, however, has been building up for the past three years, and Harris thinks playoffs are a possibility this year or next.

“We just need to continue to work at it,” Harris said. “We are in a tough region.”

Zundrika Powell and Carlyshia Robinson led the Tiger offense with 4 points each.