Q&A: Boyd Blackmon

Published 5:47 pm Friday, December 3, 2010

Fort Dale Academy's Boyd Blackmon meant as much to the Eagles football team this year as they meant to him. (Advocate Staff, Angie Long)

Boyd Blackmon, FDA Eagle football statistician, is 15 going on 16 (in just a couple of weeks) and can’t wait to get his driver’s license. Blackmon, a student at Fort Dale Academy, is the son of Ann, a teacher at the school, and Paul, who works for Centurylink. He’s also big brother to Jackson, 10. We sat down for a Q & A with this football-loving fellow this week.

Q: Have you always attended school at Fort Dale?

A: Yes, ma’am, ever since I was really little, even before I can remember.

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Q: How did you end up as the stats keeper for the football team?

A: Well, all my classmates were on the team, and I decided to go to the coach (Speed Sampley) and ask if there was something I could do with the team. So that is the job he gave me.

Q: I hear you do a lot more than just keep the stats, however.

A: Yes, ma’am, I try to keep them pumped up, get them all excited before the game, screaming and yelling, you know.

Q: Winning the championship had to be exciting, right?

A: Oh, yes, very exciting. The whole season was great, being a part of it all.

Q: What’s been the best part of serving in the position on the team?

A: Just getting to know all the coaches, to hang out with the coaches and the players. (pauses and smiles broadly) And getting the championship ring. That is very enjoyable.

Q: Are you going to get to ride on the float with the team in the Christmas parade next week?

A: Well, I don’t know about that. My youth band is performing that night and my church (Southside Baptist) has a float, so I reckon I will be riding on that one.

Q: Tell me more about this youth band and how you got involved in it.

A: It’s called Zone 4:12, after Timothy 4:12. My guitar teacher Roness Fail started it. T.J. Bender, who used to play lead guitar, got a job, so I just randomly started playing some of the lead parts. Hayden Duke, who’s the leader of the group, ended up asking me to take over that spot.

Q: Have you always attended Southside?

A: Yes, ma’am. Ever since nine months before I was born.

Q: Who are your favorite artists or groups to listen to?

A: Classic rock. Guns n’ Roses, AC/DC. In Christian groups, I like artists like Mercy Me and Casting Crowns.

Q: Do you have other hobbies or interests?

A: I do try to go hunting every weekend when I can, but football and the band take up most of my time. I also do yard work for different people, mostly the coaches and family members. Actually, I am looking for a full-time job so I don’t have to mess up my sinuses cutting grass. So if there are any restaurant managers out there looking for someone, I am willing, even if it’s just moving boxes or whatever.

Q: Favorite TV shows?

A: Watching football on TV, when I do get to slow down and actually watch TV.

Q: As a football fan, Alabama or Auburn?

A: Roll Tide!

Q: Future plans beyond high school?

A: I’m not sure yet, but I do want to start by attending LBW for a few years before going off to some big college. And I would like to play in their ensemble. There are a lot of people who play better than me around town, but I am going to try out for it, I guess. I definitely want to continue playing music.

Q: Any final thoughts?

A: Yes. Brady Clark said to mention him. (pauses and smiles) Actually, for all the guys on the team, I want to give them a shout-out. I love you guys!

Angie Long, who is now an official member of the Boyd Blackmon Fan Club, conducted this interview.