GPD busy breaking burglary cases

Published 4:35 pm Monday, November 29, 2010

The Greenville Police Department has been busy cracking open some robbery and burglary cases, according to Sr. Lt. Justin Lovvorn.

Four burglaries, one attempted burglary and two armed robberies were solved, with multiple suspects now in custody.

The most prominent armed robbery case was one that dates back to Oct. 23, 2010. Around closing time, two subjects entered with ski masks and bandanas and stole an undisclosed amount of money at gunpoint, Lovvorn said.

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Following an investigation, authorities were able to arrest Brandon Burnett, 18, Winston Peagler, 17, Ricky Montgomery, 17, and Elliot Lewis, 17. All were arrested and charged with robbery, 1st. Although the names of juveniles are not commonly released, Lovvorn said that robbery 1st by definition is a gun crime, one which carries a requirement that the suspects be charged as adults.

Authorities also cracked another armed robbery case that occurred on Lucille Street. Victims report that they were driving their vehicle when four males flagged down their car forced them to give up their belongings at gunpoint, Lovvorn said. Two arrestees from the previously mentioned armed robbery, Ricky Montgomery, 17, and Winston Peagler, 17, were also found to be involved in this robbery, and were charged with robbery, 1st. Deandre Powell, 17, and Jesse Malisham, 16, were also arrested and charged as adults with robbery 1st.

Jimmy Earl Little, 23, was arrested and charged with attempted robbery in connection with an event that occurred on Milner Street, in which Little was alleged to have hit the victim with a beer bottle before being ran off by witnesses.

Police also cracked some lesser burglaries. Shameika Salter, 30, was charged with burglary, 3rd in connection with two residential burglaries.

A slough of juvenile crime has hit the city, Lovvorn said.

“This sort of crime comes in spikes every now and then,” Lovvorn said. “These arrests should quiet things down a little.”

A burglary at Jordan’s Hilltop was cracked, with two juveniles being arrested and charged with burglary, 3rd. One juvenile was arrested in connection with a July 9 burglary of Badcock, and was also charged with burglary, 3rd. Two more juveniles were arrested in connection with the Nov. 20 burglary of Duke Shell. Both were charged with burglary, 3rd.

Also, four juveniles were arrested in connection with a recent vehicle break-in on North Pine Street. All were charged with burglary, 3rd and were picked up the same night the crime occurred thanks to a joint effort between Corp. Kenneth Hadley and Lovvorn.

“These crimes were solved by good old-fashioned police work and cooperation between investigative and patrol divisions,” said chief Lonzo Ingram. “We are glad to get these cases solved.”

As always, citizens with information regarding any crime can call the Greenville Police Department to pass this information along anonymously.