County DHR urges parents to consider fostering, adoption

Published 4:58 pm Thursday, November 11, 2010

There are many children across the state in need of a loving, stable home life. Some have lost their parents to illness or accident; others have been taken from their birth families due to abuse and neglect. They are all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds, but they have one thing in common: the desire for a forever family to call their own.

“In recognition of these adoptive and foster parents who have opened their hearts and homes to children in need, we are celebrating National Adoption Month here in Butler County,” said Dot Watson of the Butler County Department of Human Resources.

“While we honor these people, we also want to encourage more Alabamians to consider adopting young people of all ages. It can be a really positive life-changing experience for both that child and those parents.”

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In fiscal year 2009, Alabama set an all-time record by finalizing 676 adoptions. There are approximately 6, 300 children currently in foster care in the state, said Watson, with approximately 600 of those children legally available for adoption.

The good news is nearly 300 of those children will be adopted by their current foster parents.

“Unfortunately, that means the other 300 children are still waiting for a family to call their own forever,” said Watson.

“We want to get the word out to the community that good adoptive and foster parents are always in need. Foster children are all our children, and we need to do whatever we can to find them a happy, safe, stable and loving permanent home.”

For more information on becoming a foster or adoptive parent, contact the Butler County DHR at 382-4400 or visit the website at