‘Homecoming’ a success

Published 3:13 pm Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dear Editor,

Thanks to everyone for making our Small Town/Downtown, Great Greenville Homecoming a huge success!  Activities for all ages through the three-day event, along with absolutely gorgeous weather, made it a weekend to remember.

To all the business, churches and individuals who gave out hundreds of pieces of candy on Thursday night, a special thanks.  You already have your place on Commerce Street next year and I hope others will fill in the gap.  Prizes to the group who has the best decorated spot sounds fun to me so start planning now.  The Fort Dale Academy Dance Team and the Greenville Fire Department Haunted House Characters dance to Thriller was outstanding.  Thanks for all your hard work.  The crowd loved it!

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“Southland” did a great job on Friday night at the Ritz.  Everyone there enjoyed the wonderful harmonizing of this talented group.

Folks had lots to do on Saturday beginning with the 5-k Run. Thanks to Jeanie Cobb, Anne Merritt, Boy Scout Troop 45, Super Foods, AlaCare and our own Laura Sadowski who made this event fun.  Winners are posted on our website at .   The car show brought everyone to the park to see the snazzy vehicles and relive the golden oldies.  Thanks to Ronnie and Jane Adams along with William and Cheryl Johnson who were on hand to sign the cars in and keep things organized.  Winners were Richard Burch from Eclectic, Alabama with a 1954 Chevrolet was selected the People’s Choice and Henry Haynes from Dothan came the farthest with a 1931 Ford Roadster. Later that evening, the park was busy again with people setting up folding chairs and getting ready for “The Fabulous Shades.” Hit songs like Louie Louie, Then you can Tell Me Goodbye by the Casino’s, the Twist and of course My Girl   could be heard from anywhere in the Park.  People were dancing in the street and just having a good time.  I had lots of comments like when are we going to do this again?

I want to say thanks to Jerome Harris, Director of our Parks and Recreation Department. His crew was there most of the time with great food and refreshments for everyone.  Thanks to all the City Departments. Downtown Greenville looked great!!!  Again, I thank everyone for making our Great Greenville Homecoming a Big Hit!

Francine Wasden
Chamber of Commerce