New security installed at courthouse

Published 7:31 am Thursday, October 21, 2010

Visitors to the Crenshaw County Courthouse will notice a new addition to the facility: a security checkpoint by the front door.

The new system was recently installed by the county to help increase the security of the courthouse.

“We now scan everyone that comes in the front door,” said County Commission chairman Ronnie Hudson. “This helps complement the security system at the back door.”

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The front door now includes a metal detector and belt scanner for larger items such as purses.

County administrator David Smyth had a couple of tips for people coming into the courthouse to speed up the process.

“It would help people to leave their purses and briefcases in the car and only take what they need to conduct business, especially if they’re only here to do something quick like pay a bill or renew a car tag,” Smyth said.