Don’t sweat the small stuff

Published 9:18 am Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Much of life is uncertain. People are fragile. Time passes us by much too fast. It’s important to keep our priorities in place as we journey through each day.
Many of the things that bother us on a daily basis are relatively small. They don’t endanger our lives or those of our loved ones.
The co-worker who habitually talks a bit too loud. The classmate that whines too much. The fast food worker who got your order wrong and you don’t discover it until you’ve driven the 12 miles home.
Annoyances, yes. But should we look at these “flies in our soup” in a different way?
We know our co-worker talks too loud because we have the gift of hearing. Everyone is not so fortunate. Maybe the classmate who whines just needs someone to really listen. Maybe-you. And as for the food-well, at least you have food, and probably enjoy it on a regular basis. A tremendous segment of the world’s population doesn’t.
Lesson number one: Let’s not sweat the small stuff, folks. Life is just too short.
And then there are people who have a “glass half empty” mentality. They are always defeated before they even start. They will come up with dozens of ways why a project or plan will fail.
They are ready to rain on your parade as they stand there with an umbrella and a sour “I-told-you-so” smile.  They are constantly finding fault and laying blame-and yet, they don’t seem to be doing a great deal themselves to improve the dire situations about which they moan and groan and wring their hands.
Call them “happiness vampires,” ready to drain the joy, positivity, fun and spontaneity right out of life.
They’re miserable creatures. And misery dearly loves company, folks.
But nothing says you have to join them for the ride.
Lesson number two: Don’t let another’s bad attitude ruin your good day. Avoid these “vamps” if and when you can; when you can’t, just remember this wise if ungrammatical statement: “Can’t never did do nothing.”

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