Haunted Firehouse opening in October

Published 4:27 pm Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Gruesome surprises wait around every corner at this year's Haunted Firehouse. For smaller children, a flashlight tour will let them participate without being too frightened.

Halloween is almost here and the annual Haunted Firehouse is gearing up for its fall fright-fest.

The Haunted Firehouse will open its doors every Friday and Saturday in October, and will open for Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday the week of Halloween.

If you don’t get a chance in Octboer, however, there will be one more opportunity when the house opens Nov. 5 and 6.

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Standard admission will be $6, but as Haire explained, there will be other options for participants, including a flashlight tour for grades six and below.

“There will be only a few monsters, so the little kids don’t get as scared,” Haire said. “It will take place during the day from 1 p.m to 4 pm. On Oct. 23. The cost will be $2, and only a flashlights and the child’s parents will be allowed to go through the flashlight tour.”

All proceeds go to help the fire department with various fundraisers, and to keep the Haunted Firehouse operating year after year.

The main Haunted Firehouse will feature a 3000 square foot building, complete with monsters and surprises around every corner. But it doesn’t end there. Once patrons make it through the house, they still have another, larger area outside, complete with a maze and a butcher shop.

This year will feature a new option for those who wish to get more involved in the fright experience. For an extra $10 on top of admission price, participants can purchase a teaser ball, which is a small flashing ball that is worn where it is visible.

All persons who purchase teaser balls will be required to sign a waiver, as Haire said these people are in for a different experience.

“You might get grabbed and separated from your group,” Haire said. “Or you might end up in a coffin or getting fake blood sprayed on you.”

Though it doesn’t add to the fear factor, the Haunted Firehouse did receive a pricey addition to its grounds this year. Building inspector John Hair said the building has been outfitted with an automatic sprinkler system, an upgrade that was mandated by the state fire marshal.

Over 75 actors will be lending their hands to make this year’s Haunted Firehouse better than years past. Still, however, Haire is looking for more volunteers.

“The more people we get involved, the better this can be,” Haire said.

To find out how to volunteer, email John Haire at john@cityofgville.com.