County firefighters get valuable training

Published 4:58 pm Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Firefighter Kevin Dean looks up during a demonstration of the Mobile Fire Unit.

Crenshaw County firefighters recently got the opportunity to experience dangerous fire conditions in a safe, controlled environment.

The Alabama Fire College’s Mobile Fire Training System spent last week parked in front of the Highland Home Fire and Rescue building.

“This is a great training opportunity for us,” said Stephen Wilson, president of the Highland Home Fire/Rescue and Crenshaw County Assc. of Volunteer Fire Departments.

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During the four days the MTFS was available, Wilson said firefighters from Highland Home, Luverne, Glenwood, Dozier, Fullers Cross Roads, North East Crenshaw, Brantley and Coffee County’s Five Star Fire Department took advantage of the opportunity.

Some 27 hours was spent in training, and over 45 firefighters took part.

“It’s really great for us to be able to go in and practice in a controlled environment,” Wilson said. “We don’t get that chance too often.”

The mobile unit simulates a burning building with a number of flame burners and large quantities of smoke.

The training was free and provided by a grant from the Alabama Fire College.

“We would like to thank Instructor Derrick Swanson and the Alabama Fire College for the opportunity to have such a great training right here at home,” Wilson said. “It’s not often fire departments are able to receive this kind of training for free.  This was a great opportunity and experience for all firefighters in Crenshaw County to receive some excellent training.”