BCWA to send warning letters

Published 4:26 pm Monday, September 27, 2010

The Butler County Water Authority approved a draft of a letter that will be sent to all customers on Tuesday. The letter gives those who are operating more than one use per meter a chance at amnesty.

The Butler County Water Authority met for a short meeting Monday, as there were few pressing matters to come before the board.

In the review of system operations, Wesley Bass with Artesian Utilities describes some recent tests that had been performed throughout the system.

Water was tested for lead and SOC, synthetic organic compounds, Bass said, with acceptable levels being found for both. These separate tests will appear again in the annual water quality report.

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The board also approved a final draft of a letter that is to be sent to all water users. The letter is meant to address the problem of multiple users drawing water from one water meter.

The letter gives citizens a one time financing option for those who come forward before Feb. 28. These citizens will be given the option to finance the $450 cost of installing and setting up a new meter, along with the $50 deposit.

After this grace period, however, users will be required to pay the full price up front before water will be reconnected.

Bass stressed that this policy is not intended to be a punishment, but rather a means for the BCWA to provide safe, reliable water for years to come. If the Butler County Water Board does not come in compliance with the accepted one-user per meter model, which most state and federal grant agencies require, the board risks losing crucial funding needed to maintain and grow the system.

In other business:

-The Board approved Aug. 23 minutes

-The Borad approved all write-offs

-The Board agreed to pay their bill to Artesian Utilities

-The board approved August financial reports