Drug Take-Back day planned for Saturday

Published 4:11 pm Monday, September 20, 2010

Instead of flushing old prescription drugs down the toilet, the Butler County Sheriff’s Office wants to help citizens dispose of these pills properly.

Sheriff Kenny Harden said his office would be participating in the Drug Enforcement Agencies first ever Prescription Drug Take-Back Day.

“We want old drugs and unused prescriptions, it doesn’t matter what they are,’ Harden said. “It will be free and anonymous. Just come up to the office and drop them in the box, no questions asked.”

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Harden said deputies would be on site from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. this Saturday at the side door of the courthouse. All citizens have to do is come and drop unwanted prescriptions into the box.

“This helps get the drugs out of your house, which can help cut down on burglaries and abuse,” Harden said. “If you have someone in your family with a drug problem, they won’t have anything to take if you get rid of it.”

In a press release, the DEA described the reasoning behind the effort.

“This symbolizes the DEA’s commitment to halting the disturbing rise in addiction caused by misuse and abuse,” said Michele M. Leonhart, Acting Administrator of the DEA. “Working together with our state and local partners, the medical community, anti-drug coalitions and a concered public, we will eliminate a major source of abused prescription drugs, and reduce the hazard they pose to our families and communities in a safe, legal, and environmentally sound way.”