Luverne approves street striping

Published 8:09 am Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Luverne Journal

Several road improvements are on the way for Luverne residents, particularly around public parking areas.

At Monday’s meeting, the Luverne city council voted to spend $7,283 to re-stripe a number of parking areas.

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“We want [city engineer] Morris Tate to go ahead and pursue that,” said mayor Joe Rex Sport.

Those areas scheduled for re-striping include: two blocks of 5th Street, three blocks of 4th Street from Glenwood Avenue to LeGrande Avenue, sections of Glenwood Avenue around the courthouse, the downtown areas of South Forest Avenue and Turner Park.

“Most of the downtown area is in pretty good shape, but we’ll touch it up,” Sport said.

Re-striping may also occur at the Multi-purpose Center’s parking lot.