Land transactions filed in Butler County by Sept. 2

Published 3:00 pm Monday, September 13, 2010

August 27

-Evelyn P. Causey and Mark A. Causey to Donald W. Boutwell and Lorraine C. Boutwell. Deed tax paid on $20,000.

August 30

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-Randall G. Nicholas to Otis L. Grayson and Stephanie Mickles Grayson. Deed tax paid on $2,500.

-Hope Bozeman McAlister n.k.a Hope B. Pynes to Samuel Bozeman McAlister. Deed tax paid on $157,000.

-Hope Bozeman McAlister n.k.a. Hope B. Pynes. Deed tax paid on $77,000.

-Citifinacial Inc. to Paulette Montgomery and Ricardo Montgomery. Deed tax paid on $5,000.

-Phillippa Peyton Bethea m/ executrix to Phillipa Peyton M. Bethea and Jenny H. McGowin.

September 1

-Ida Rogers Joyce and Sharon Joyce to Douglas C. Beville and Pamela J. Beville. Deed tax paid on $86,000.

-Estate of Theretha Ainsworth and Retha J. Hilliard as personal representative to Barry M. Ainsworth and Retha J. Hilliard. Deed tax paid on $39,000.

-Christopher Reid Stokes to James Milliard Stokes. Deed tax paid on $25,000.

-Clemmie N. Cromartie to Celeste R. Edgerton and Karen L. Edgerton. Deed tax paid on $30,000.

-Alabama Power Company to Pioneer Electric Cooperative, Inc. Deed tax paid on $500.