Food Feature: Cracker Barrel, traditional…and good

Published 6:16 pm Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sometimes, nothing can get a day going like a cup of steaming coffee and a wholesome country breakfast, even if it is noon on a Tuesday. Perhaps sleeping in on Labor Day broke my sleep schedule, but Tuesday’s workload was calling and nothing sounded better than a big stack of pancakes.

I headed over to Cracker Barrel, as they are one of the only places in town that will serve you syrup when it’s really time to be eating a sandwich. The best part of getting pancakes at Cracker Barrel has got to be the syrup. While some restaurants leave a communal container of syrup on the table, which often gets quite sticky from constant use, Cracker Barrel gives you your own personal bottle of syrup, and a glass one at that. Its high quality maple syrup, slightly heated for butter melting perfection. The pancakes themselves almost don’t need butter, though every stack comes with a hefty serving that looks like it was dipped with an ice-cream scoop. The edges are crisp and golden-brown, the kind of texture you can only reproduce with either a cast-iron skillet or by coating the cook surface with a puddle of butter.

And of course, the meal wouldn’t be complete without a hot cup of black coffee. Yes, no sugar, no cream and no nonsense. Good black coffee cuts the sweetness of the syrup-no sense and adding any more sugar to something that is swimming in it.Sure, pancakes aren’t the best food for you, but when the lunch grind gets too monotonous, remember, there are a whole host of breakfast foods out there, just begging to be eaten during the p.m. hours. – Austin Nelson

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180 INTERSTATE DR. – Greenville, AL 36037

PRICE for MEAL: $10 W/Drink

Breakfast, lunch and dinner…the Cracker Barrel provides all the down home country cooking you can eat. If you’re in the mood for a southern delicacy, try the chicken and dumplings, biscuits and corn muffins. The BLT sandwich is a lip-smacking alternative for lunch or dinner. Take a seat at the checker table for some fun. Dessert? The Coca-Cola cake. Great!

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