Shriners prepare for Peanut Boil, Festival

Published 6:15 pm Tuesday, August 31, 2010

LUVERNE - The Crenshaw County Shrine Club has added a few new pieces of equipment to their cooking tools in the last week as they continue to prepare for the World’s Largest Peanut Boil.

“We’ve got several new cookers, and that will up the capacity of what we’re able to cook,” said Andy Compton.

In the past, 800 pounds was the maximum amount of peanuts that could be boiled at one time, but that number could now go as high as 3,200 pounds if necessary.

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Compton said that increase will help make sure there are enough peanuts to last until Labor Day.

“Sometimes, we’d run out sometime on Sunday, but now we’ll be able to cook until Monday,” he said.

Besides being able to increase the amount of boiled peanuts, the group also has a new roaster to parch the peanuts.

The Shrine Club has also made a number of improvements to the peanut boil site.

The peanut boiling will begin on Wednesday, Sept. 1, and will continue until Labor Day, and the first annual Peanut Boil Festival will take place on Saturday, Sept. 4.