LBW dual-enrollment drops, full-time students increase

Published 12:27 am Saturday, August 28, 2010

Figures released earlier this week suggested dual enrollment numbers had declined at LBWCC’s Greenville campus for the fall semester, but the numbers are a bit misleading.

According to Dr. Jim Krudop, director of the Greenville campus, a change in requirements at the state level has impeded some area high school students in registering for dual enrollment.

“They now require a special placement assessment test be taken by these students before they can register for the dual enrollment classes at a community college. Obviously with vacation and the young people being out of pocket, many of them had not completed that test in time for regular registration,” Krudop explained.

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He has been visiting local high schools this week and says the Greenville campus has picked up several new dual enrollment students and anticipates gaining a few more.

“There’s more red tape involved in participating in the program, but we are working with it. I think once everyone does get registered, we will hold our own in numbers for dual enrollment,” Krudop.

“Overall, our full-time student body is up in numbers, and we are really excited about that.”

Fall enrollment at LBWCC was the highest since the college opened 45 years ago. Total enrollment of 1,912, a 6.8 percent jump from last year, is expected to increase as late enrollments continue to be processed. This year’s enrollment breaks the previous record of 1,813 set in 1992, and continues the trend of increased enrollment each year for the past five year.

“We are pleased that so many students have seen the value that an education at LBWCC provides for them. Everyone on campus has been working very hard to recruit students and accommodate their needs,” said Dr. Herbert Reidel, LBWCC president.

LBWCC has seen a 5.5 percent increase in credit hours. However, tuition and fees cover only one-third of