Child gets chance to model Jedi garb

Published 4:27 pm Monday, August 16, 2010

After pulling a few strings, one local child got to participate in the 2010 Star Wars Convention V.

Noah Lovvorn, 8, son of Greenville Police Lieutenant Justin Lovvorn, got the rare opportunity to model Star Wars attire at the convention in Orlando, Fla.

“Most of the people involved had a connection by either being part of the production or one of the lesser known actors,” said Justin Lovvorn. “It was something special for him to be able to get involved at the last minute.”

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Lovorn said they waited until the last minute to tell Noah, in case it wasn’t going to work out.

“We got confirmation a week before it started, but we didn’t tell him about it until it was a sure thing,” Lovvorn said. “We didn’t want him to get all excited just to get disappointed.

Lovvorn said Noah, along with his uncle, who helped get him into the show, modeled outfits and Star Wars T-shirts. Noah even got to take home some of the clothes he showcased.

“Ever since he has been five, he has been a Star Wars Fan,” Lovvorn said.

The highlight of the trip, Lovvorn said, was meeting Ashely Ekstein, the voice of the character Ahsoka Tano from the new animated series The Clone Wars.

“Most of the Star Wars stars were there except Harrison Ford,” Lovvorn said.

Noah also got to meet George Lucas himself, as well as Lucas’s son, Lovvorn said.

Noah was one of 500,000 estimated guests which came out for the Stars Wars Celebration V, which is the fifth such event held since the tradition started in 1999.