Local non-profits could lose tax-exempt status

Published 8:18 am Sunday, August 15, 2010

Several nonprofit organizations with local addresses are at risk of losing their tax-exempt status because they have not filed required returns for the last three years.

However, those nonprofits may preserve their status by filing returns by Oct. 15, under a one-time relief program the Internal Revenue Service announced late last month.

Dan Boone, a spokesman for the IRS said more than 4,500 Alabama charities are at risk. The IRS made public the names and last known addresses of the noncomplying organizations.

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“The organizations on the list have return due dates between May 17 and Oct. 15, but the IRS has no record they filed the required returns for any of the past three years,” Boone said.

Doug Shulman, the IRS director, released a statement saying his department is doing all it can to help organizations comply with the law and keep the tax exemption.

Luverne’s list is an amalgam of fraternal organizations, sororities, groups to help the disabled and educational groups.

The IRS says small organizations may file a Form 990-N through the IRS website. Others may file form 990-EZ and file a compliance fee. This is only for small organizations, Boone said.

Boone also said donors who contribute to at-risk organizations are protected until a final revocation list is published in early 2011.

John Stone, president and CEO of the Alabama Association of Nonprofits said his organization would track this issue on behalf of the nonprofits in the state.

“Nonprofits play a vital role in Alabama’s economic and cultural success,” Stone said in a prepared statement. “It is critical that these organizations protect their tax-exempt status in order to continue providing the supportive services which millions of Alabamians rely on each day.”

Those with a Crenshaw County address are:

Crenshaw Arts Council, Inc., Luverne

Key Club International, Luverne High School, 194 First Ave., Luverne

National Association of Letter Carriers, 104 Grove Ave, Luverne

Order of the Eastern Star 700 Allen Lilly, 1535 Petrey Highway, Luverne

Order of the Eastern Star 877 American Beauty, P.O. Box 428, Luverne

Order of the Eastern Star 645 Bethel, 9609 Greenville Highway, Rutledge

Order of the Eastern Star 342 Buna Mae, 34813 Jordan Grove Rd, Dozier

PTA Alabama Congress, Dee Turner PTA at Luverne High, 194 First Ave., Luverne

Self-Help and Rural Economic Support Inc, RR 1, Luverne

CDC Ministries International Inc, PO Box 184, Brantley

Eagle Eye Community Development Corporation, 258-E Mill Ave., Brantley

Sasser Cemetery Inc, RR 3, Box 162, Brantley

Renewal Ministries Inc., PO Box 38, Glenwood

Environmental Council of Alabama Inc, 1106 Magnolia Lake Drive, Highland Home