Children place eleventh in Hershey Track and Field Games

Published 6:37 pm Friday, August 13, 2010

Travares Jackson, 10, and Tyrone Ingram, 10, have arrived back in Greenville after participating in the 2010 Hershey Track and Field Games.

Each of the children placed 11th in the nation in their events.

Jackson said they got to participate in much more than a track and field competition. They had a group dance, toured the chocolate factory, visited the water park, and visited Hersheypark, to name a few.

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The two children also got the opportunity to hear athletes Carl Lewis, Rafer Johnson and Sonia Ross speak, before they each gave them autographs.

Jackson and Ingram agreed, visiting the Hersheypark was by far their favorite part of the trip. Ingram said the Great Bear, a rollercoaster that goes 61 miles per hour, was his favorite of all the rides.

Both Ingram and Jackson said they bought chocolate while they were up there, but these treats, along with the samples of Hershey Kisses they got during their tour of the factory, did not make it back without being eaten.

Memories aside, Jackson said he brought back a Hershey Monopoly game and Ingram bought a football while he was there to remember their once-in-a-lifetime trip.