Federally built roads receive passing grade

Published 6:07 pm Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Butler County ranked 47 out of the 67 counties in Alabama following an inspection by the Alabama Department of Transportation, said county engineer Dennis McCall.

The county averaged an 81.67 road grade – a passing grade – but that number is misleading said McCall, becasue only roads built with federal funds are inspected.

“That’s only about 200 out of the 550 roads maintained by the county,” said McCall. “It does not take into consideration the low-volume rural roads. If it were to factor in the other roads it would pull that number down considerably.”

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Two roads received grades below 75, said McCall, portions of CR-38 and the Ira Till Rd. McCall said the county is addressing issues with those roads.

In other business:

-The commission approved a request to provide the Industry Community Club with an additional $150 per year to help offset annual expenses at the community center.

The club will receive $1,400 in funding through the commission. The Industry Community Center is utilized by the county as a voting precincts, but also throughout the year by members of the Industry community, said Linda Luman.

Community club members have incurred an estimated $2,100 in in expenses due to unforeseen expenses, including storm damage and heating and plumbing issues.

There are no costs for using the center, said Luman.

– Approved a budget amendment for a JAG grant proceeds in the amount of $24,969 for the sheriff’s department.

– Approved the declaration of two sheriff’s vehicles – a 2000 and 2006 Crown Victoria – as surplus.

– Acknowledged the results of the election to renew the Ad Valorem Tax for schools, 3,722 for and 1,174 against.

– Approved a contract with the Department of Corrections to house state prisoners in the Butler County Correctional Facility.