Half of county schools fail to make AYP

Published 11:08 am Monday, August 2, 2010

Half of Butler County’s schools did not make AYP according to accountability reports released by the Alabama Department of Education on Monday.

Greenville High School, Butler County Magnet School (Georgiana), and Greenville Middle School did not make AYP for school year 2009-10. McKenzie, Greenville Elementary and W.O. Parmer did meet the accountability standards set by the federal government’s No Child Left Behind act of 2001.

The school district – as a whole – also did not make AYP. Butler County schools failed to meet goals in reading from grades three through high school, but made AYP in mathematics system-wide.

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W.O. Parmer Elementary School met 17 out of 17 goals set, or 100 percent. Their percentage participation goal in Reading was 95 percent; they reached 99 percent. In Mathematics, the percent participation goal was 95 percent and they achieved 100 percent. The attendance rate goal for WOP was 90 percent and the school achieved 96 percent. Proficiency goals in both Math and Reading were achieved.

At McKenzie School, 17 out of 17 goals were also met. McKenzie maintained a 99 percent participation rating with a goal of 95 percent in Reading, and a 99 percent participation goal in Mathematics. The graduation rate goal of 90 percent was exceeded with a 92 percent score and their proficiency goals in both subject areas were achieved.

Greenville Elementary School also met 100 percent, or 17 out of 17 goals. GES achieved a 99 percent participation score in Reading, with a 95 percent goal; in Mathematics, they scored 100 percent with a goal of 95 percent. The school also had a high attendance rate of 96 percent with an attendance rate goal of 90 percent. GES achieved proficiency goals in both subject areas.

At Butler County Magnet School (Georgiana), 18 out of 19 goals (94.74 percent) were met. BCMS achieved a 99 percent participation score with a goal of 95 percent in Reading, and 99 percent participation score in Mathematics with a 95 percent goal. They achieved their proficiency goals in both subjects.

Where the school didn’t hit the mark was in its graduation rate goal, set at 90 percent. BCMS had an 84 percent graduation rate.

Greenville Middle School, which met 20 out of 21 goals (95.24 percent), had 100 percent participation in Reading and in Mathematics. They also achieved an attendance rate goal of 95 percent with a goal set at 90 percent. However, GMS failed to meet the proficiency goal for its special education students.

Greenville High School met 14 of its 17 goals (82.35 percent) with 100 percent participation in both Mathematics and Reading. GHS did not met their proficiency goal in Reading, but did achieve it in Math. However, the graduation rate of 77 percent was well below the goal of 90 percent.

Butler County Schools Superintendent Darren Douthitt was unavailable for comment at press time.

To view the results follow the below link, (you will have to pull down data from Butler County Schools in the menu options).

School AYP Results