School logo shirts added to uniform dress code in county

Published 3:16 pm Thursday, July 29, 2010

School uniforms in Butler County Public Schools will now offer more variety with an eye for promoting school spirit.

The BOE approved an addition to the Uniform Dress Code at their special called meeting on Thursday. The addition will allow students to wear school-sponsored polo shirts and sweatshirts purchased from the school.

The new shirts will include a polo-style shirt, originally designed with two or three buttons (no alterations allowed) featuring a collar and no pockets, and a sweatshirt, also pullover style, with no hood.

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“This will give our students the option to wear a sweatshirt or shirt comprised of their school colors, to help promote a sense of pride and belonging to our students,” said superintendent Darren Douthitt.

Black polo shirts and sweatshirts with a gold embroidered school logo (one logo for all schools) will be available for the Greenville schools (W.O. Parmer Elementary, Greenville Elementary, Greenville Middle School and Greenville High School).

At Georgiana School, students may wear navy polos and sweatshirts with a white embroidered school logo, and McKenzie School students, navy polos and sweatshirts with a white embroidered school logo.

Costs for the new additions were not announced at the meeting, but prices for the shirts will be consistent countywide.