McKenzie field now has sprinklers

Published 12:38 pm Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Miles Brown has a new toy.

The McKenzie head coach and a number of school boosters installed a sprinkler system beneath the turf of Williams-Vickery Field on Saturday and Sunday.

Brown said the system cost approximately $3,000 for the materials and all work was done through volunteer efforts. The town’s Peewee football program also donated half the costs of the project, he said.

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“Everybody came out to help on this,” he said.

Brown said it previously took a week to wet the field using the old method of spraying. Grass can scorch quickly, especially in the summer months, from lack of rain.

Now with a flip of the switch beneath the stadium’s scoreboard, sprinklers pop up beneath the turf to saturate the field.

“If we’re losing we can just turn them on,” Brown joked.

The project is just one of many the school and coaches are doing to get ready for the upcoming football season. Brown spent Tuesday giving the concession stand a new coat of dark blue paint.