Housing authority renovations will not include street, sidewalks repair

Published 4:44 pm Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Streets and sidewalks in sore need of repair in within Georgiana Housing Authority property are the city’s responsibility, not the GHA’s.

Susan Houston of the GHA spoke to the Georgiana City Council at the July meeting and explained the ongoing renovations of the housing units would not include upgrading the streets and sidewalks.

“There has been some confusion about this, and I do want to make it clear what our situation is,” Houston said.

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“The GHA pays pilot taxes, ten percent of the gross annual income. For this, housing authority residents are eligible for the same services as anyone else in Georgiana – and that includes streets and sidewalks.”

Houston added she knew a financially strapped city government could not afford all the needed repairs.

“I understand you don’t have the money, that goes without saying. And we are not allowed by HUD to use any HUD funds to repair what belongs to the city. And we do get counted off by HUD for the condition of our roads and sidewalks,” Houston said.

“We don’t want the public to think we are not doing something we are supposed to do. There has been a lot of confusion.”

Middleton admitted he had not been aware of the situation. “I was under the impression this was the housing authority’s responsibility. I have gotten estimates for repairs, and it would cost close to $50,000 just for those four streets,” he said.

“Our total budget is only $41,000 for paving streets . . . hopefully, we can repair some of it, but obviously we can’t do all of